Terms & Conditions

All customer or members must read the following terms before using our service ( or buying product) :

1. Locker Toys has right to change the production information and offer in the website before the contract made.

   1.a Any order in the website will be viewed as incomplete contract until the confirmation that was drew by Locker Toys

   1.b It is the incomplete contract also, although the payment is completed, no confirmation drawn by us

2. All products and services cannot be refunded if there is no any mistake of both party (Locker Toys and Customer)

3.The property right will be transferred to buyer after delivery. Buyer must bear the postal-risk

4. Preorder items must be taken within 30 days after the notice from us

5. After sales service is included by the return policy, customer can apply the service no more than 7 days of product received.

6. Locker Toys reserves the rights for final decision

7. We only accepts USD / Euro for oversea customer

All customer or members must agree the above terms and conditions or the terms in the invoice or in the production information. 



Locker Toys