What is "Fans Only" Membership

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"Fans Only" is a plan for our supporter. We provide premium service to our Fans.
Collectors can join our FANS CLUB by paying Annual Fee. It helps us to provide premium service, discount and gifts to Fans Only. 

Q1:What is the advantages of "Fans Only" Membership ?

  1. Reserve the particular quantity of hot items by default  

  2. Get cash rebate with the reward points monthly (by request)

  3. Fans can receive the VIP gifts (Locker Toys Brands and Joy Toy)

  4. Extra VIP discount (you can check after logging into account) ;

  5. Mega sale priority;

More service....

Q2: How Reward Points are converted to cash ?
1 reward point is equivalent to 1 HKD. Cash will be refunded via Paypal which includes 5% admin fee. Once per month by request (updated)

Q3: If I do not want to redeem the reward points to cash, how can I use the points ?
You can use on every purchase in lockertoys.com/key, no limitation.

Q4. I already have reward points in my account but I have not become a “Fans Only” member yet, can the points still be able to be redeemed into cash ?
Once you are become the Fans, you can redeem them no matter when the rewards point were earned and collected.

Q5. I am the customer of other Locker Toys unit (E.g Shopee, ToyPartsHunter, Modeliland...)
The Fans Only Membership program is only for the registered accounts on LockerToys.com/key


Q6. Why there's no reward point of some old products?
There's bigger discount of some old products, so no reward point of those products.


Q7. How to reserve products?
We will reserve the safety inventory according to our Fans amount. You can notice us what items you want to reserve before it is sold out.
Then we will reserve for you and request the payment if Joy Toy cut the preorder after announcement.