LTS Reward Point

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Since the newly launched reward point program is activated on 17/9/2020, any earlier orders are not to be included. And all the points will be credited on the day after all items shipped rather than the payment date. If there is one or more shipments exit in same order, the points will be issued after the last shippment


Using 1 point for HKD 1 in general products

1. Now, you may gain LTS Reward Points by purchasing any items marked "Reward Points: XX"on the product page.
*Items listed before the program do not provide any reward point.





2. The points will be credited to your account later and you may check from member centre-LTS-Reward Points.







3. Points can be using for redeeming our products on the redeem product list or the items marked with‘Price in reward points: XX’on the product page.





4. By checking out, you may apply any points as you like. You may use the exact amount of points for a product or to use parts of them. In the other words, you may use the points as a discount or fully redeem as a gift.