Split or Merged Parcel

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General case


We will ship the order until all items belonged to the same order are avalable. However, we will review each order case by case when it is necessary. So we will follow below policy when the shipment is need to be split or merged. 



Split Shipping (Instock item + preorder item in one single order)


When one single order includes instock item and preorder item, we will ship all the on hand items first except the case those preorder items will be arrived within 1 month then we will wait for entire order. Indeed, the extra shipping cost will be paid by Locker Toys. (Locker Toys will select the air parcel for extra shipping)



Merged Shipping (Instock + preorder item from different orders )


When serval preorder items from different order ID will be arrived in the same week, then we will merge your parce. There is no shipping fee refund because our shipping fee is weight based rate with discount already. Generally, most merged parcel is heavier than 0.5 KG (initial basic charge of carrier) that makes no difference on the shipping cost. The cost of handling is remain constant. 

There are many products launching preorder and releasing in every week, no one can forecast the shipping combination. We can only base on the paid historical shipping budget to arrange an appropriate shipping. 



Shipping Budget Principle 


We will base on your shipping budget paid to select the best way (including one time of your selected shipping method) to ship out your parcel. Hoping customers can be understanding that the release date is different all the time even products are launched preorder on the same day.