Saving EU VAT by Tax Voucher

Posted by Locker Toys 25/06/2021 0 Comment(s) Help Desk,




EU collectors can buy the Tax Voucher (Click Here) in Locker Toys first for saving Tax.

Locker Toys will cover your 70% VAT in EU our tax ID. 


1 point = HKD 1 = EUR0.11 

Follow below steps


STEP 1: When I want to buy a item which is costing HKD 799


Step 2: Buying Tax Voucher and input HKD 799


Step 3: Checkout this order individually and then

we will insert 799 Points to your account within 1 working day


Step 4: When you receive the points,

please use points to buy the product then you can save the VAT



Here is the comparison when you do not using the point to buy it