New System in May

We Are Moved to the new system LT Cave ,
This page only for previous order (Made before 2nd of May)  record checking 


Features in new system

1. Semi-express (make sure your address can receive local postal services)
2. Independent tracking code for each items if we doing split order
3. Point and credit will be merged to be LT Point, more clear record and flexible use
4. More products for member / Fans
5. Monthly plan and Annual plan for Fans (clearly dashboard)
6. Simplify EU VAT Fuction

How to login new system

How to use your previous email to login this current new system ?
Login-->create account-->input data--> same email--> create --> mail box to accept.

Account Information transferred

We have transfer all the account information to new system beside the old order record. Old order will be kept in old system. Also the credit and point have been transfered. In the old system 1 point = 1 HKD but in the new system point will be converted to USD, pegged with USD.

Fans Membership

All payment of Fans in old system have been refunded as credit in new system. Customers can re-join our Fans Club in new system by monthly or annual plan. The previsous Fans product will be viewd as gift to Fans, no need to return.