Planet Green Valley

PGV shipping arrangement notice

According to the production arrangement of PGV, they are still in production. However, they have released some completed products between August and November,2019. Therefore, the stock on our hands currently is not enough for us to delivery to all customers. PGV will release the remaining to all retailers in future (their official says). Then we can only base on the order time and content to send those on hands items to customers who have pre-ordered PGV.

The shipping schedule (updated 23/2/2020) :

  1. First lot: Some amount of 6SKU will be shipped between: 24-8-2019 to 31-8-2019
  2. Second lot: 26-11-2019 ( Full amount of Nude body and Combat Uniform
  3. Third lot:  10-12-2019 (Full amount of Amy was shipped out)
  4. 23/2-2020 no update of production schedule from PGV because of the factory suspended by the virus prevention in China. 
  5. Forth lot:  3/7/2020full amount of Mind Controller is arrived. There is no solid releasing date of the remaining amount of other SKUs.

[Subject to the final product from PGV]

The final product of Mind-controller and Virginie will come with 2 random component (Just little bit difference)
So, we will not do any After Sales Services caused by the random component. Please be aware the detailed and delicate parts. If parts are broken by human factors, After Sale Services maybe reserved. Meanwhile we will seek for assist from Ou Ying Studio. But they are still in production.

It is the production issue caused by PGV. If you want to refund before we ship the item, it is acceptable.

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