Point to Cash

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[How to Redeem LTG Reward Points into Cash]

1. Add "Point to Cash" to cart  (1 point = HKD 1 = USD 0.13 (Fixed exchange rate from HKD to USD) 
2. Use the point to check out (please adjust the qty to checkout)
3. Tell us which order ID you have made before in the checkout page - Order Comment Area
4.Select free check out to submit the order
5. We will refund to that order (Currency is accorded to the order currency)

** If there is no order within 30 days, we can pay you directly through Paypal (5% handling fee will be charged)

For example,
Using 100 point to redeem HKD 100 = USD 13 
Then we will send you back 13*0.95 = USD 12.35 cash to your account


Extra bonus for 1000 points and above.
We will bear paypal admin and extra 2% cash to reward you for your purchasing in the year.

***Please select "Free Checkout" in the last payment.

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